Finding authenticity through mindfulness

All That Comes Out of the Earth

Nothing I love more than being in my garden.  

Planting and tending to my garden is a wonderful experience for me. Timeflies by as I am emerged in my chore and all is right in the world. I wear the garden gloves for the first 5 minutes and then find a reason to remove them and they never seem to find their way back on my hands. I love the feel of the dirt on my hands, the tiny seeds I sprinkle in the dirt and the careful covering of those seeds with the dirt, all excite my senses and bring me into the moment. 

I spend time in my daily life remembering to come back into the moment.  Noticing how it feels to wash my hands, taking time to savor my food, walking and noticing the earth under my feet and the list goes on. Honestly, I often forget to be mindful on those days that are busy and rushed. But when I get into my garden there isn't one sense I am not aware of. The feeling of the dirt, the smell of the plants, the colors of the vegetables, the sound of the birds and, of course, picking a vegetable and tasting it for the first time. I am all in! 

What really excites me is when I get to pull vegetables out of the earth. Gently digging around each one and carefully and may I add mindfully pulling them up out of the dirt. It feels like a miracle every time. Not because I everunderestimated what the earth can produce, but because somehow I got this right. I planted the seeds the right depth, watered them enough and thinned them when needed. I am always in awe of what comes out of the earth and will be forever grateful for mother earth and all she has to offer. Next up…carrots!!! I cant wait!


Service Berry Tree June 17, 2017

I hear the excitement of the birds fighting for the berries, I see a cluster of deep purple goodness and I feel the softness of the berry as it makes its way into my hand and carefully into my mouth. Once the berry is in my mouth, I savor its flavor and texture. I slowly chew the berry as the flavor hits my tongue and the juices slip down my throat. I feel gratitude and deep satisfaction for the fruit from this tree and for the abundance in my life. Next week the berries will be gone. The birds will quiet down. I will remember the meditation of eating those wonderful berries in my backyard. Until next year service berries….