Finding authenticity through mindfulness


More and more companies are offering meditation programs for their employees. Why? Because research shows that in addition to reducing employee stress, meditation also

  • Enhances clarity and focus

  • Increases productivity

  • Improves effectiveness and communication in the workplace

  • Decreases absenteeism

  • Improves work/life/family balance

All these benefits could lead to a healthier employee and healthier bottom line.

My on-site corporate programs, are scheduled and designed to meet the needs of both employer and employees. My programs are accessible to a wide range of people, are non religious and easy to practice. I offer a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques, so people can discovery what technique  works best for them.  In my program I will cover the benefits of meditation; explain what meditation is; teach how to meditate; and do guided meditations structured to specific types of businesses and jobs.


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Chair yoga is an easy way to take a break during the work day. Yoga improves energy levels, increases blood flow to the brain and helps release stress.  I offer 30-45 minute chair yoga classes.


Consistency and commitment are important when learning to meditate. Offering a weekly class helps everyone get on track and stay on track.

On-Going Weekly Classes

This is a 30-45 minutes class which starts with a 5 minute instruction and a check in by the group, and then a 20 minute guided meditation. Questions or comments will finish up the class.

Lunch and Learn

This is a 30-45 minute presentation on the basics of meditation and breathing, followed by an example of a short meditation and breathing.

Mindful Meetings

In person or via Skype, I am available to start a meeting/conference with a short guided meditation and breathing exercise to center and focus your group.

On Site Meditation Retreats

Choose a half day or full day retreat where you group will be guided through walking meditations, seated meditations and eating meditations. Mat yoga or chair yoga is included. We will finish with the group’s feedback about their experience and how they can incorporate these practices into their work and home life.

I brought Lisa in to do meditation sessions with my employees. She was very accommodating to our schedule and every employee who sat in her sessions had great things to say about them.
— Katie, Flavorchem Corporation

Lisa was wonderful. She has the perfect personality for working with people to better take care of themselves. My staff said nothing but positive comments after her discussion/practice.
— Jennifer C.

Lisa has been wonderful to work with. She has been so patient and helpful. I observed a class she taught and she was amazing. She has a remarkable ability to calm you just by talking to you. I was afraid to give meditation a try but after seeing her I plan to learn.
— Sheila C.